img_4164-2My name is Hillary. I am living my life dream of being a full time Wife, Momma, and homemaker. I’ve been with my husband, Danny, since 2012, and married since 2015. We just had our baby girl in 2016. My life is a jumble of clumsiness, plans, random crafts, and lots of laughs. I grew up having very little self confidence, and doubting every move I made. Becoming a Mother was the tipping point for me. I knew I had to change for my daughter. It was that easy. Being a Mother has been the most empowering thing I have ever done. I started this blog because I felt like it. My free time consists of knitting, playing guitar, practicing my cursive penmanship – so that I might begin calligraphy, and now blogging! Being a Mom has brought some memory issues, so I think blogging is a good way to keep up with the details, so that I might not forget. My future goals are to toy with photography, read more, and share those times with my daughter.