To my daughter born in 2016,

My sweet darling,

You were born a month and a day before the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump won with the most electoral votes, but lost the popular vote. That means that over half of the nation is scared, angry, shocked, and disappointed. There are violent and destructive riots, and so many hateful and terrifying opinions from every direction. 

This is not the world I want you to grow up experiencing as your “normal”. What will this society speak of regarding The Lord, your value, your rights, tolerance, and love? Will you believe what you’re told? I’m going to do everything I can to remind you of some truths regarding these issues. 

I hope you always put the Lord first. Really. I hope when you are voting, you look at the ideals your candidates represent, and you choose the one who defends what the Lord says is right, and good – despite what society says is right and good. I hope you can use your conscience and studying the Bible to find those hard truths, and defend them through the persecution that will follow. 

I hope that no matter what abundance or lack of rights you have, that you always remember that this world is a temporary place for you. Your value is in the hands of God, and he reigns much higher than any government ever could. To him, you are a gem, a treasure, a pristine pearl to cherish. He loves you more than I could, and even I think that’s impossible as your Momma.

I hope that I’ve taught you to do your own research, and how to do your own research thoroughly before you take a stance. I hope you carefully study each side of every issue you’re learning, or passionate about. Be wise and don’t form an opinion without facts, don’t automatically believe the first thing you hear, or read, and educate yourself about the opposing viewpoints. Be a free thinker. Question the questions. Question the answers. Question the Lord for guidance to the right solutions. When or if you protest, do so respectfully. Vandalism doesn’t solve a thing. Hold the group you stand with accountable. Call them out when they choose to destroy personal property, and businesses.

You will get further with a conversation spoken kindly. Debating isn’t a bad or insulting thing. Take it as an opportunity to learn, and teach something. If someone begins debating in an unkindly and insulting manner with you, bring attention to it – emphasize that you have no intententions of insulting or being hateful, and you would love to continue the conversation respectfully as long as they do as well. Actually listen to what people say; don’t just listen to respond. Ask the deeper questions – such as, how a person came to forming the opinion they have. What have they experienced that has influenced their thought process? Exercise empathy, but also defend yourself with dignity when you’re attacked for your viewpoints.

History is important. Read about it, and apply the lessons to our culture today. It may seem irrelevant to our time, but with enough pondering, you’ll find what’s applicable. 

It’s okay to be scared. Scared of the future, scared of confrontation, scared of taking a stance. When you feel fear, take some time to sit back and collect your thoughts. Write down what is causing you fear, then when you collect yourself, study about the issue you’re facing. Knowledge really is power, and with enough power, your fear will start to either dissipate, or grow strong enough to make you want to do something about it. 

Stagnancy is tough enemy to battle. The American dream was never meant to be about sitting on the couch watching celebrities, or reality shows every chance we get. In moderation, sure, but not regularly. It was also never meant to be desireable of a lavish lifestyle, like the celebrities you’ll see. 

The American dream is to start from the bottom, and with unwaivering time, dedication, hard work, and wise money management, you can get yourself out of the slumps. Only pursue, purchase and keep things that bring value to your life. Don’t fall into the trap of only wanting luxury. Example? My car has electric windows, a radio, and remote start. I hate manually rolling down a window, music brings me joy, and I use the remote start nearly every time I drive to start cooling off or heating the car. I don’t have heated seats, a navigation system, a back up camera, built in screens for movies, motorized seats, a trunk that opens with the remote, or wifi. I don’t truly value those things enough to need them. Choose what you value and can afford, don’t fall for the idea that more is a necessity. Live within or even below your means. Work hard to expand your means. That is a true sign of success. 

My hope is that the adults today work hard to change the norm in the United States. We are far from united, we are divided. The days of civil disagreements are gone. I’m praying that is different by the time you are old enough to know what is going on. In case it’s not though,  I hope I have prepared you for positively influencing this country. 

I love you more than you know. Permanently, and unconditionally.


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